Thursday, June 7, 2007

Walking the lake...

It's been very inspiring to walk around the Greenbelt lake. There are some great things about it--like that when you walk around the lake you see all different kinds of people, and they are all so friendly! I like the meditative time to think while working out that hiking provides, even if I am listening to music while doing it. I even began a new story after I got home based on some ideas I got while watching a blue heron and while looking at the water. I did, however, find it highly ironic that one of the songs that came on my iPod while walking was "Material Girl," when I was so close to nature. I think reading Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods (which I will review when I finish) is really getting to me in a good way.

I've been thinking about my future a lot--especially what I might want to do after Korea. I will probably apply to grad schools (Ph.D.) in writing or in rhetoric/composition and go to one that will fund me bunches and is pretty cheap to live in starting in Fall 2009. I think I've actually figured out which schools I'll be applying to, which is pretty cool. This means I need to do the following in Korea: study Korean pretty intensively (for foreign language req't), write a whole lot and make a concerted effort to publish, especially my first year, and enjoy myself thoroughly. I think I'm gonna bring my skis and boots with me... they take up some weight, but I'll just have to make it worth having brought them by hitting all the resorts on winter weekends. I wonder if I can find a ski buddy or two. That would be awesome.

I'd like to hike part (or all, if I could really manage it--thru hiking sounds crazy, but Anne's interested, so who knows?) of the AT at some point. It would be a relatively expensive undertaking... But I guess no different than other long vacations.

Life is good, except for all that grading :-)

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