Friday, June 8, 2007


My lord it was disgusting out today. It may have hit 100 or more at some point. Ugh. I'm sweating just thinking about it! I just checked for Greenbelt and it said that it's 95 at 5 p.m.--and that the humidity, etc. makes it feel like 103!!! Sheesh! No wonder I just want to sit around and do nothing at all.

Less than one week of classes remain. Students have taken their final exams in my class. My stint as a high school teacher at Eleanor Roosevelt is nearly finished... yet, I still plan to come back and make sure the transfer of all the yearbook stuff goes well and that all of my stuff is in order. Sad, yes?

I work too darned hard.


  1. congratulations for your blog, very nice.

  2. Grazie!

    I don't know Italian, but your dog is adorable...



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