Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Lately I've been taking really long naps in the afternoon--like 4 or 5 hour long naps. It's felt really great! I have my own schedule now that summer's here and just have to remember to show up to the places I planned with other people, but other than that I can be crazy with the sleep schedule and do what I please. So I don't even know what you'd count as my "days" anymore. It's like I go 8 hours awake, then sleep for 4, then wake up again, then sleep, etc. I wonder if there have been any studies about that kind of schedule and whether or not it is healthy...

All I know is that I'm awake for the beautiful mornings and sleeping during the hottest part of the day when there is little of interest to do. Maybe I'll try to force myself back into a more normal schedule, especially now that I've gotten back on my workout routine (mostly walking and swimming at this point), but maybe not until next week when I'm working full time at the hotline. I do need to finish checking out at school--it's really rather sad that I haven't finished.

I would like to start doing some more regular hiking around the area and hit Old Rag the last week before I leave for Korea. Anyone up for hiking it with me?

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