Friday, June 29, 2007

My little bro...

Brian's agreed to apartment sit (and cat sit) while I'm in Martha's Vineyard. I'm glad he'll help me out! We had a fine conversation the other day. For those of you who know me and know what all I've been through with my brother, you'll know how much it means to me that we are talking without pissing each other off royally.

The cable company must have turned the channel limiter on in my apartment because now I can only get the local channels (like I'd been paying for). I had some initial shock of withdrawal, but I guess I've adapted nicely to the lack of TiVo and figure, this too shall pass. Or at least be replaced by a YouTube addiction.

I woke up this morning very icky-feeling. Maybe allergies? I haven't been taking my allergy meds recently... so maybe I should work on that. Or it could just be because I was up late last night!

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