Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gotta get my study on!

So, I took Princess for a trip out to "D-mass" (as Sarah calls it) to see how she'd fare in a new environment on a slightly longer trip. It went pretty well, even if she disappeared for a few hours behind some boxes and without her bell collar, couldn't be found! When I got her home, though, she adjusted right back to being here no problem and seemed to tolerate the travel alright. However, I think I've decided that I'll keep my apartment through August because the double-move prospect is really unpleasant to both of us right now.

More importantly, I have not done a darn thing on my work for grad school because I've been so stressed out about trying to pack up the apartment that I haven't been able to focus! I really need to finish the degree before I run off to Korea so I don't have to worry about it anymore. I am excited about going to the Vineyard, but if I really want to spend some time on the beach and biking around the island, I have to get my work done in advance.

Something is really inspiring me right now. I don't know if it's that I'm watching ridiculous awesomeness on So You Think You Can Dance? or that I'm digging a new crush I have or that my life is just really changing dramatically and every day brings new surprises, but it does make for a very intense internal process. Like I can't help but figure out new stuff every few hours. Crazy. Hopefully I'll get time to process it later.

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  1. I have *so* much catching up to do (clearly, since I'm only on your 2007 posts), but I simply had to AMEN your addiction to So You Think You Can Dance. What a fabulous show...
    Anxious to read about your journey to Korea. We adopted our daughter last July and were in Seoul for way too short. We're planning to return and maybe stay...



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