Saturday, June 23, 2007


Wow! So after finally having a few days in a row of regular sleep patterns, daily exercise, and healthy eating, I feel like I can actually accomplish stuff again! Wow, my job was so ridiculously stressful that I didn't even have the time to take basic care of myself--that is so very very sad.

Hopefully now I can catch up on those grad school papers and move out by July 10 (I'm thinking that the big deal moving day will be the morning of July 7--like get the truck the day before and pack all my stuff in it and then drive it up to Damascus that morning, then return the truck before heading to the hotline in the afternoon and having the next few days to settle in before heading up to MV on the 11th or 12th). I love my parents, but neither they nor I enjoy me staying there for very long now that I'm a big girl! This way it will only be like 3 weeks when I get back from grad school. And it should be immensely more tolerable now that they have fiber optic internet (which reminds me--I got to be geeky last night and explain about my summer working as a researcher for Chuck Adler and the two papers we published--so awesome!).

Gosh I have a lot of services to cancel--and timing is always everything. I need to set the dates down in stone. This will be substantially easier to do when I work with my folks next week to organize the basement.

I have to head down to the Korean embassy on Wed or Thurs of next week to get official copies of my diploma made so I can send everything off for the E-2 visa app. That should be exciting in and of itself.

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  1. Hey I just got the link from Dave's...I know the grind of teaching in Canada-congratulations on getting out while relatively sane.

    Overcoming inertia anxiety-no worries!



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