Friday, June 22, 2007

American Culture - Vote for Sexy Russians, Darn You!!!

Maybe I'm indulging over-much in American culture the past few weeks (since I'm on my way out and all that), but I was shocked by the ridiculousness of the voting on So You Think You Can Dance? last night.

You see, I have a thing for sexy Russian men who can dance like birds:

I was so inspired by the coolness of this piece that I *almost* voted. I never vote for (usually never even watch) the stupid reality show smorgasbord "pick your next XXX," that has turned art completely commercial (I suppose we are just moments from pick your next novelist via FOX... scary... maybe it would give Oprah some competition?). Well, I will never make the mistake of *almost* voting for sexy Russians ever again! He was in the bottom three! So dumb. Judges were shocked, my mom was shocked, etc.

America, you suck. This is why I don't watch these things ever since Frenchie got cut from Am. Idol in season 2 or 3 or something.

Just too darn talented for Fox Reality Shows.

Also, in other shocking news (though probably only slightly less shocking), not just my last ex, but my LAST TWO exes now are married to the girls they started seeing after me... I'm turning into marriage trainer girl and am NOT happy about it (well, I'm happy for the Bran--he's an awesome dude who deserves all the best in life, even if he is a law student). Jeebus, I'm glad I'm going abroad instead of getting into another relationship. I'm pretty sure that if I weren't going abroad I would be involved with someone else not quite right for me right now and, quite frankly, I deserve better. So I will revel and bask in my quirky single girl behavior until there is some reason to stop.

As I sadly informed Dav a few weekends ago, he now qualifies as my most normal ex. This makes me want to cry a little.


  1. Damn - that guy is hot. Sadly, most Russian dudes aren't....

  2. This makes me sad. I had a fantasy of Russia as a conglomeration of male hotness from Barishnikov (and now this Pasha dude), my friend Micah B. from high school, and my intense love of Andrei from Tolstoy and Alyosha from Dostoevsky... I suppose if I ever visit I will have my Russian male fantasies shattered. For now, I will dream of finding some charming Ivan to dance with me at the ball...



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