Thursday, May 31, 2007

This week is a joke

I'm glad that there's not that much I can do this week at school, since it was only 3 days to begin with (Monday was Memorial Day and Friday is Graduation for the seniors, but everyone else gets a day off), then the big field trip for the juniors (Physics Six Flags trip) was Tuesday, and the Junior awards assembly is today during periods 7 & 8, so yesterday was the only "real" day of classes for a lot of my students...which means that they were bouncing off the walls.

Anyways, it's all done now, except graduation tomorrow. I'm so proud of all my graduating students! Many of them were my first students ever and with their leaving marking my own departure, I feel that even with all the "joke weeks" like this one and BS, that we have really gone through something profound together--that teaching and learning can only ever really be understood by those who experience it directly. I believe these students have changed me at least as much as I have them...

I just bought my ticket to Korea (for those of you looking around for jobs, know that my employer offered to pay, but since I wanted to make the arrangements for transporting my cat, I arranged a reimbursment deal--this flexibility on the part of my boss I interpret as a good sign). I'm flying out of Dulles with Korean Air on 8/27 directly to Incheon, Korea, where I catch a connecting flight to Daegu later that evening (although by then it will be 8/28 in Korea). All of this is really happening in just a few short months. Wow... I will let that sink in a bit now.

I can't believe tomorrow is June already! Crickey--where is 2007 going to so darn quickly???

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