Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shark Jesus?

Wow! If this isn't the hammerhead shark's version of the Christ child, then it suggests really bizarre things about the way vertebrate reproduction works...

Well, now it's crazy because the job in Daegu has also formed into a more definite offer and offers several advantages over the very hip province of Apkujeoung in Gangnam, Seoul--the first of which is that Ansim, Daegu is not "hip" and never will be! (I'm such a nerd, but I like my peace). I enjoy jazz clubs and happenin' dance clubs and bars in moderation and would much prefer a walk through nature. Daegu's still a city, but not quite so overwhelming as Seoul.

Other advantages:
-More "legal" contract providing health insurance and severance (this was causing a bit of anxiety over the other job, though I am not 100% clear on the law in Korea, either letter or enforcement)
-Possibly a larger apartment (not by much, but with space at such a premium, every little pyeong helps!)
-I *really* like the director--like she's the kind of person I'd want to be friends with even back in the states. I don't know for certain, obviously, but I believe we would at least get along professionally with relative ease
-SUPER BIG MAJOR ADVANTAGE: Kitty is more than welcome!
-Fewer teaching hours; same OT pay

-A lot of people have suggested that Seoul is the only place worth living in Korea. I am leery of this; is it like Manhattanites or Californians who turn up their noses to the rest of the country and act like you have a social disease if you'd prefer to live elsewhere (which I do)? I suppose this one can only be found out by going there...
-Less base pay (a lot less). There is a cost of living difference, but I doubt it is substantial enough to make up the whole difference (although, if you count the severance bonus, it's closer).
-Larger classes (though anything under 15 feels like heaven to me after three years in US public schools)
-Students start at a lower ability level--but I'm not sure how much that really matters to me in the end
-Less cosmopolitan area of the country means more shock at my height and "Rubenesque," as Dana used to kindly put it, figure (size 12 is apparently *very* obese in Korea, and though I am losing weight, I doubt "the girls" and the hips will get much smaller, since I was also size 12 at 15-20 lbs lighter than now...). I guess I'll just have to double up on my sense of humor about my weight and keep up the workout regime (I am down 7 lbs since I started ACTUALLY trying a couple weeks ago).

My intuition says that neither school would be bad, but there is a strong "yes" feeling about the school in Daegu that isn't there with the school in Seoul. Intuition is a very powerful thing...


  1. Definitely choose Daegu! I far prefer Daegu to Seoul. You can even have Mia's litterbox when I leave :-)

  2. Awesome and thanks! Yah, I spoke to Gwen for a bit last night (I suppose that's your "this morning") and I plan to take the job as your replacement... although that is such an ugly way of phrasing it. I believe I'd much prefer "taking over your position," or "assuming your classes" or somesuch that does not evoke the Terminator movies.



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