Monday, May 14, 2007

pudding is super yummy

Two days until the AP Lang test; I think I'm more anxious than my students. Not because I'm worried about how they will do--I know these kids will do very well--but rather because it is marking the end of an era. The end of my real usefulness to Roosevelt. With the 2007 yearbook in and the AP test done, I could stop showing up and no one would really care about it in the grand scheme (well, my students would care and the subs who had to cover my classes would care, but other than that...). I am really doing this... really quitting my very secure job to move around the world to a country that has a rich, fascinating history, but will think that I am obese...

Anne and I were at Wonderland Ballroom on Saturday and it hit her really hard that she's actually going to be out of the country for 3 months on her crazy Transiberian Rail adventure. Her reaction has me hitting my own "oh my god this is really going to happen" moment. You see, Anne is my travel inspiration; she is far more adventurous about this sort of thing than I am. And I will be gone by the time she returns. When we next see each other, we will have known each other half our lives (or darn close to it!). This is pretty crazy-awesome-cool.

We're gonna go goth it up on Thursday for old times' sake. I'm going to take pictures of the silliness. I will have to rest up for this--it will be a great stress release. We also have a wild reunion planned for next summer at the end of my contract and before she enters her new Ph.D.program. She'll come out to visit me in Korea for the last couple weeks of my contract and then we'll hop a plane to Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand to tour about for a few weeks before she returns to the states and I do whatever it is I'll be doing at that time. It will be our super spiffy South Pacific reunion! Woo-hoo! Ooh! We should end in San Diego to visit Eli. That would be awesome.

Peter is coming out for a week or so next Wednesday-ish. That should be good because I miss my cynical side. He's been too sick this semester to talk much, but now that it's all done, he's up for the adventuring. I may even go out to see him at State College on my way up to MV this summer. I could head up to Philly to see Joe for a day or two and out to see Peter and then maybe visit Rose in NYC or Jonathan in Ithaca or both. Make July a road trip of sorts. That could be great, actually. Except Dad wanted to fix up the boat for the 4th of July... well July 5-11 is plenty of time for a 4-stop trip about the mid-Atlantic. I like this plan. Especially because I won't have a car again for a bit.

I'll have to put in my resignation with the hotline based on my travel plans. I'm also gonna go out to Cedar Point with Sarah for her birthday present this year, which should be awesome. Mom and Dad say I should visit Aunt Mary and Uncle Clyde while I'm out near Cleveland. This sounds like a fine idea.

Wow... That's a lot of travel. Between that and my plan to be a tourist in DC with Jill and Meesh for a week or so in June, this looks to be a dreadfully, wonderfully exciting summer. I guess I feel the need to take in as much of America as I can before I up and leave it for the other side of the globe. I need to get the car fixed up soon and do my chores around the apartment and do my grading, but I've been slacking on those fronts. I think I just have too much going on right now!

I guess I'm also finally ready to reveal this blog to everyone... I'll send out an e-mail soon. Life is getting very interesting all of a sudden.

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