Sunday, May 20, 2007

Job Interviews, Missing Friends, and Plays...

Oh my!

It has been a dreadfully busy past few days.

Thursday I went to see my seventh grade English teacher, Mrs. Lundahl (who looks more fabulous than I remember her looking, and this is about a million, or 14, years later). Her current seventh graders (sevies, if I recall proper middle school terminology) were putting on a Global Issues Symposium and Mrs. Lundahl invited me to be a judge for their presentations. It was quite an experience--between remembering my own time in her classroom and at Eastern Middle and enjoying the success of these bright young people from my stance as a HS teacher I was rather joyously reflective. I remembered why I patterned most of my off-the-cuff pedagogy from Mr. Greenwood and her--because they were some of the best teachers I have ever known in my whole life, especially with us oddball freaky smarty pants kids. I grudgingly admit that Mr. Creel falls in that category, but I still do not forgive him for "Ekelperson."

Which reminds me... Dad found a birth certificate for his paternal grandfather in his mom's old stuff down in Florida. Did you know that we have been spelling our last name wrong all this time? I have been living a lie! I am sorry friends... dreadfully so.

I guess all that does is weaken my resistance to seeking publication under my pen name (which has finally solidified comfortably, though I will not reveal it in this blog), since I have such a lack of attachment to my last name. I think if I had half as cool a last name as I did a first name, I'd be more attached. The only reason I like it more is that now, when you google me, all of the stuff that pops up is ACTUALLY about ME (which is not true for everyone).

Ok, enough sidebar.

Back to Thursday... After I finished up at my little middle school flashback adventure, I met Anne for a last hoorah and late dinner at Franklin's in Hyattsville. Is it wrong that I take perverse pleasure in the fact that whenever Anne and I are out together we regularly get comments from waitstaff like we did there along the lines, "I have no idea what you are talking about, but you two are absolutely hilarious"? Especially since this wasn't our waitress, so she wasn't working us over for the tips quite so obviously. I don't know... it makes me feel more interesting. But seriously, Anne and I should have our own weird little television show. It would entertain me highly. Some other people would watch it--like Sam. And Sarah. And Gillian.

That might be our entire viewing audience...

I'll miss my Anne-nan, who is probably just now arrived in Singapore to begin her far east adventure. I await the day that we will reunite in Aug 2008 for our South Pacific adventures! Watch out, Indonesia! Take care, Australia! Beware, New Zealand!

On Friday, I had my phone interview first thing in the morning (like 6:15 am first thing). It went very well. I will have to think about where I want to teach more seriously since I now have a couple semi-offers that would be good.

After school, Meesh and I visited my favorite bartender in the whole wide world, Carlos, who brings me salsa, chardonnay, and kisses! I'm gonna miss Chevy's and being the "Salsa Queen." Then I went to the hotline and hung out with Mike (who is AWESOME). We were both so tired and had to keep doing stuff to force ourselves awake, like telling jokes and talking about movies.

Saturday I slept in. Really late. Like so late I rolled out of bed and went straight to work. Except that over IM, Meesh and I started planning our zany DC tourist adventure. So much madness. So much fun.

Then I headed down south to check in with my La Plata folks because Glass Menagerie closes today. The production was beautiful--Lisa Kay and Jodie were simply amazing in their roles and Randy's vision brought out some nuances of the show that made me think about it in new ways (which is pretty hard to do since I've taught the play so many times). Dav's final monologue was great, as were Kyle's interactions with Jodie when he has to leave the house; these moments were the highlight of their performances. I know them both too well as friends and actors to be objective in my analysis, but I did think that this was Dav's most mature performance I've seen and Kyle's most finely varied and subtle performance to date. I'm glad they have Never Swim Alone for the playful stuff, but this play does demand a more serious mien and they definitely rose to the occasion (and since I know Dav is one of five people who read this thing, I'll say "Bravo!").

Then Rachel was having a shindig for her 21st, so I made my way over there. So much fun to see everybody (well, at least a bunch of people). I am going to miss theater productions in Korea. I know I'll be super busy with everything else I'm doing, but I adore putting on good plays. Maybe I'll try to start an improv group over there... hm... I wonder if any expats living there would be interested? I've taught it before, so I don't even need experienced performers, just people who want to have fun and try to put on some shows at bars and such.

I guess we'll see...

And now... Sunday morning I was supposed to go help the 'rents again with the basement, but I'm just too pooped to do much. I don't get much downtime anymore. I hope things will relax a bit as the school year ends. I need to finish a whole bunch of papers for grad school and things.

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