Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How much of a dork am I?

Enough of a dork that I got crazy excited about playing Dungeons & Dragons with Evan, Peter, and Micah last night! After working at the hotline on Memorial Day and (almost) catching up with paper work there, did I go home and get rested up or grade papers like a good little teacher? Oh no. I had more important things to do. Things like SAVING THE SUN SPHERE!!!

I created a 7th-level sorceress (nicknamed Red for her hair) who spent most of the campaign kicking the crap out of evil villains with Magic Missiles (because all of my other spells ended up sucking... well, except Haste and Spider Climb, each of which really saved our butts on more than one occasion) and making fun of the melodramatic fighter/rogue (played by Micah) and the naive, farm-boy good cleric (played by Peter). Evan is a silly DM (and he was the first DM I played with back in high school, so it was all reminisce-y... yes. That is a word). I had a familiar. It was a little viper named "Fluffy." I think I stole that from someone in college, but I cannot recall. Sounds like something Janet would say.

I'm keeping this cold at bay with sudafed, but only just barely.

As of TODAY, it's less than 3 weeks until the end of school and less than three months until I'm on a plane to Korea. Woo hoo!!!

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