Friday, May 25, 2007

Feels Good...

It feels good to have decided about my job in Korea. I still have many preparations for my journey, but I suspect that there will be contingencies for which I am unable to plan, no matter how astute I may be, and so I will focus on enjoying my time left in the country.

I saw Peter yesterday. I love those people that you can just sit or walk around with and have a conversation about nothing in particular (well, ok, about raising an army of Baby Ninjas, the inescapability of capitalism, writing pedagogical theory--not the stuff of education courses, but people like Rosenblatt, and undergraduate misinterpretations of post-structural criticism in particular, but nothing all that essential or meaningful to "real people"). I may have halfway convinced Peter that should he be unable to get a job as a university professor in the US, Korea would welcome him with open arms... haha! Still no word on the English GRE scores... I'm just hoping for a 650+, but I'll settle for the 600 range.

I'm going to bring Princess over to my parents' house while we work on Sunday to get her a bit acclimated to moving around to new places, since I will be living gypsy-style this summer. I should bring my camera, although it would have been more impressive if we had taken the before-before pictures. We are really tearing through the organizing/cleaning process rather quickly. Besides, I should take pics of the house in its new, renovated beauty!

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