Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Better things to do with my time.

I have to stop watching so much TV. I think I will resolve to post here at least 3x/week. It's all about forming healthy habits, right? I've been reading some books that I have not yet reviewed. That could be a place to begin.

Some of my Martha's Vineyard folks have raved about David Sedaris so much, that I decided I must try something of his. I picked up Me Talk Pretty One Day several months ago, but only just finished it on my Florida trip. I must say that this was the perfect timing for me--it was about his experiences as an expat in France! The frustrations he experiences while learning the language and adjusting to the new culture were good to hear, since I am planning my own journey. His somewhat psychotic French teacher in the local immersion classes has me a little afraid of learning Korean, but not enough to put me off of trying. His style was fun and interesting. Since I've been a longtime fan of his sister, Amy (Strangers with Candy also introduced me to my geek idol, Stephen Colbert), I also enjoyed the peek into their relationship and childhood. I will definitely check out his other books--I remember first seeing Naked in our bathroom when Brian was reading it in college. Maybe he still has his copy? This book is a great read--check it out if you have an ear for ironic commentary and a soft-spot for self-denigrating humor.

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