Friday, April 27, 2007

Yearbooks are coming!

I just got the notice that the books have been shipped! HUZZAH! Ahead of schedule and everything. I am so very excited to see them (the students worked so very, very hard this year). Maybe when they come out someone will get dreadfully interested in taking over the book? Who knows...

Um, so there is a long and convoluted story behind this, but Anne says I'm not allowed to date crazy people anymore. I think that is a fine idea. I will work on it.

Other than missing the physical closeness/benefits of a relationship and the feeling like there is someone out there who cares about you, I'm fully enjoying the single status. I feel less accountable. I can make plans without saying, "I'll have to check with so-and-so." I can have any kind of sleep schedule I want. I get the WHOLE bed all to myself EVERY night. And that vague feeling of dread that pushes me to ask stupid insight-seeking questions (will it last, does he really love me, is he the one, am I in love, do his friends like me, what about his family, do I want kids, how many, etc.) is gone. I had thought they would be replaced by others (like will I always be alone, why aren't I good enough, or something like that), but turns out I have no such worries. I am far too interested in the things that are going on in my life and in the world.

This suggests to me that I should stay single until someone makes a compelling case for me to give up this freedom.

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