Friday, April 20, 2007

It's been a week!

My sleep schedule has been totally off this week--I think I've been reacting to the VT shootings pretty powerfully from an emotional perspective, and that is wearing me out!

It is so beautiful outside, that even though I have things to be annoyed/angry/worried about, I just don't have the inclination. I like smiling and laughing so much more.

Ok, so I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by international real-estate mogul Robert Kiyosaki. While his writing is not the best, his ideas are intriguing--the basic premise seems to be that success in finances is premised on the same things I believe are required for success in anything else--passion, creativity, commitment, aptitude, study, and willingness to take risks. For some reason, this flies in the face of "conventional" wisdom regarding money. I love so many things about his thinking--especially the honesty about his struggle between the socialist values of his family (who were professional educators) and the capitalist ones espoused by his mentor (called "Rich Dad") in business. I think I'm going to get a copy of his computer game to teach myself about finances. After studying up in 2000 on the subject enough to start an IRA (now valued over $10,000 with a 403(b) over $7,000 thankyouverymuch), I feel like I'm finally ready to start really diving into the stock market. I even found a "sector" I already love and read about regularly--entertainment! I even had this crazy idea about creating a company to let regular people buy "shares" in a movie, but apparently someone else is working on putting that into action. I don't think I'll ever love investing as much as he does, but I certainly love learning about finance and money and stuff (blame The Motley Fool back in the day and my fave online journalist, MP Dunleavey, who I have followed since she wrote about relationships for

I'm even more excited about going to Korea than I was (if you can imagine that!). I have been in contact with an American director of a hogwan (afterschool private English tutoring center) who seems like she'd be a lot of fun to work for, but the school is in an area that has few foreigners on the outskirts of Daegu (the third largest city in Korea). I like the idea that my work would have few communication problems (since the director is American), but that I could get the immersion experience. And if I'm craving "foreigner" community, downtown Daegu is an easy subway ride (looks like about how I am right now relative to downtown DC, which is just about right!).

I need to make myself focus for these last couple months (less than 2! yikes!). Yay for Kings Dominion on Sunday!

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