Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Being Sick...

Well, it's no fun. I don't know what's going on with my body lately... it's been so weird because I can't seem to sleep when I need to sleep so I'm making myself ill. I might want to banish caffeine after 5 pm and start regularly walking (like I did yesterday--that made me feel very good) and no TV or internet after 10 or something...

That actually sounds like a good plan.

I'm going to finish this soda and then my laundry and cleaning (that might help, too!) and then read for a bit and go back to bed.

I think I've been off my regular schedule from nerves or something and need back on one. It would be good training for when I move if I can force myself back into regularity. It helps that I have new books to read.


I feel slightly (and am, according to this thermometer) feverish. I think I'll take a little advil now to help with that. At least my nose has stopped running for half a second and I can breathe now. Drink more water. Take more vitamins.

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